Brandon grew up on a lake in a suburb of north Dallas Texas spending his
summers water skiing until dark, and performing with a pro-am show ski team. His college years where spent in Texas as well majoring in theatre, and performing in various plays throughout the state. Brandon's desire to attend a non academic performing arts school eventually took him to New York where he auditioned for and was accepted to several acting schools. The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre was his final choice, and it was a fantastic two years. After completing that program, Brandon and several of his fellow classmates created a production company and produced an unpublished play
of a NY playwright, unfortunately that company did not stay together. Shortly thereafter, Brandon began to work on Broadway as a stagehand, carpenter and rigger, and was ecstatic to be a part of several TONY award winning shows.
After many years in NY, he and a fellow actor decided to create their own company and bring theatre to The Florida Keys. Upon arriving in Key West,
they discovered that KW was already quite familiar with the ways of theatre. Nevertheless, they both had great success performing
regularly with both of the island's professional theatres. In addition, Brandon became a licensed boat captain, dive master/instructor, and dove for treasure on a 200 year old Spanish Galleon. The desire to continue pursuing acting on a larger scale eventually took Brandon to Los Angeles where he performed in several stunt shows at Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood. Though the west coast had great weather and gorgeous scenery, it was not the place for him, so he returned to the east coast to pick up his New York career.
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